Ju Jitsu Techniques

If at first it all seems a little complex, it all make much more sense when you have Ju Jitsu Techniques explained and demonstrated, broken down, step-by-step. Ju Jitsu is an art of self protection, taking advantage of your strengths and an opponents weaknesses – the joints, pressure points, motor nerves, body postions and so on.

There are some excellent Ju Jitsu techniques explained below – Enjoy!

Train Hard – Train Smart

Here are 20 Ju Jitsu Techniques for you. Various attacks with a combination of throws, take-downs, hold-downs, punching and kicking to counter. The 20 Ju Jitsu techniques are carried out with a good intensity, commitment and power just as they should be. Some of the attacks involve the use of weapons – knife attack and baton attack. You have to admire these Jitsuka, it does take a great deal of dedication to reach such a standard.

Train Hard – Train Smart

You’ll see Ju Jitsu Techniques performed in many different ways. Some styles are simple and to the point, much more suitable for Self Defence, other styles are very Traditional Japanese with an emphasis on culture, traditions and language and then you have the competitive styles with can vary between themselves, they still need to be very effective and useable under pressure.

Sensei Jeremy Corbell of Quantum JuJitsu teaches some excellent Ju Jitsu Techniques, very dynamic and require a great deal of skill and athletisism.

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Train Hard – Train Smart

The Essence of Ju Jitsu training demonstrates some excellent drills, techniques and combat conditioning exercises. These are certainly aspects of Ju Jitsu Training you should look to include in your schedule.

The video is very inspiring and a good reminder to Martial Artists of the types of exercises we should be undertaking to help improve our game, some of them look very simple but try them out for yourself first :)

Champions are born…and Champions are made!

Train Hard – Train Smart